What to do with the New Logo?

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, how special the logo is, or how your stakeholders feel about your old logo, it is imperative that you ‘launch’ your new logo to instantly communicate with all stakeholders. This will ensure that you communicate your brand and values to the marketplace effectively. By launching your new logo is a seamless way, you can control the impressions, response, and feedback.

Now when you launch your new logo, it is important to not rush the launch. You don’t want there to be a disconnect between your logos, your messaging, and your values. This is why we recommend that you give yourself plenty of time to lead up to the launch. A new logo should be exciting, so make sure that you create a buzz. Social media has made it very easy to add countdowns and generate excitement. You can also create buzz by doing an internal launch first. By getting everyone excited, you can ensure that there is excitement and buzz outside of the organization.

Now, what else should you be doing with your new logo?


One of the first things that you need to do when you design a new logo is to inform all your partners, suppliers, and anyone else that may be using your logo. If they are using their logo on their social media or web platforms, it is imperative that they change them to the new one. Not only will this ensure that your launch goes smoothly, it will also ensure that there is uniformity in your brand and in your massaging.

Another reason to inform any partner companies is that they will also help generate excitement for your business and your brand. They may share a ‘congratulations on the new log’ on their platforms, or they may direct potential customers to your website to check out the new design. Regardless, they are generating traffic to your business, which ultimately may lead to sales and better brand awareness.

There is power in information and by providing the greatest amount of information reading your brand and logo to certain stakeholders, you capitalize on the power.


If you have investors, it is important to show them your new logo, and any other components to a rebranding. This is because when you obtained investors, they were investing in your brand, in your missing, and in your values. If your new logo differentiates greatly from your origins, your investors may become alarmed. This could be detrimental to your success, especially if you heavily rely on the capital that the investors have given you.

Investors are important to your success, and it is essential that they are informed of the new logo. This way they can be well informed, and feel comfortable with the level of communication and transparency you are providing.


Your customers will be the last group to see the new logo. The buzz that you generated will attract your original customers, and hopefully draw even more customers in. When the new logo is finally released, the customers will be excited and filled with anticipation, which will likely lead to greater sales, engagements, and awareness.

But what happens when some consumers don’t like the new logo? This is a common question that we get asked. Not everyone is going to like the new design. Maybe there weren’t enough changes made, or maybe there were too many changes. Regardless, you will be able to gauge all this through your social media and word of mouth. It is okay to not satisfy everyone, as long as you don’t disappoint a vast majority of your customers. As long as the new logo matches the brand, values, and expectations your business has, you should have a relatively ‘easy’ launch.

Your customers are important to you, but should be the last party to see the new logo.

Brand Guide

A brand guide is the most up to date guidelines for your branding. Here you outline the rules and standards for your branding and marketing. This guide helps you ensure consistency and accurately demonstrate the brand.

The guide will have guidelines for logo use, text size, font choice, colour palette (RGB and CMYK), styles and more. When you introduce a new logo, make sure to update your brand guide. This will ensure everyone in the company is using the logo correctly, and that your brand remains consistent on all platforms. We will be covering the Brand Guide in more detail in a future post, so stay tuned.

Your logo is your brand identity. It is one of the key assets that individuals will associate with your business. People come and go, but your logo is always there. Regardless of whether it changes over the years, your Logo is yours. This is why it is important to update all your stakeholders when these changes are made.

ELEVATE Design wants to help you with your logo. We have experience and will ensure that your brand guidelines are properly established. If you have any questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

ELEVATE event branding for the BC Bike Race – The Mega Volt. E-MTB race


It’s time to BUILD your brand! Piece by piece, it all clicks together to provide you with a comprehensive and thoughtful brand. The Brand Builder design package is perfect for a new businesses wanting to establish a strong visual identity or an established company shifting to new priorities.

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