It Might Be Time For a New Logo

Your logo is the key to successful brand representation and recognition. Without a logo, your company lacks awareness. In fact, your logo is essentially the ‘face’ of your business.

Logos have the ability to attract all audience members because they have the ability to appeal to the more visual individuals, but also are easily recognized by those who are more analytical. This is why they are so important. It can ensure that there is consistent branding and allows for seamless marketing on multiple platforms.

If your Logo is working…is it really time for another one? Well, yes! Take the recent rebrands by CIBC and Scotiabank for example. Both companies have high brand recognition, however, they have redesigned their logo to remain current in a dynamic marketplace. Just because it’s working doesn’t mean it can’t be better!


Everything evolves over time. Even the most successful businesses have refreshed their logos and visual language. Nothing has ever withstood the test of time, not even a logo. This is why a refresh may be in order.

When you choose to refresh your logo, you are communicating that you are staying up to date. By doing this, you keep your audience engaged. This ensures you keep up with the modern world, and ensures that you are with the times. A refresh may also be necessary due to your competition. If other companies are refreshing their logos, you need to do the same to remain relevant.

Hitting the refresh button is necessary every once in a while. 

New Targets

Your audience is always evolving. Not only do the needs of people change, your target audience may shift all together. Maybe, you have realized that your product has prominently male consumers. This may require you to shift your targets and thus your logo may need to be redone.

It is important to analyze your audience every couple of years to ensure that your audience, your brand, and your marketing all align. Should there be a shift in your audience, consider redesigning your logo to better align your visual identity with your new target audience. 

Online <-> Physical

The transition from physical branding to online or vice versa has become increasingly relevant  in the last 12 months. Due to the global pandemic, many companies have had to adjust to their target audience. If you are experiencing this at the present, it may be time for a new logo.

When making the transition or addition to an online or physical store, the logo that is used for both needs to be consistent and optimized. What is needed for social media, the web, or a banner varies, so you need to have a logo that can be used for all. This will ensure consistent messaging and ensure your brand awareness continues to grow.

Talk to ELEVATE about how your logo can be optimized for both a physical and an online presence.

Here at ELEVATE Design, we believe in being memorable. When deciding whether or not to elevate your logo, reach out to us. 

We want to help you get remembered, and that starts with intuitive and memorable designs. Our extensive experience will ensure that your new logo is suited for all your needs.

ELEVATE re-brand – Crowfoot Village Family Practice

ELEVATE re-brand – JUST Freehold Energy


It’s time to BUILD your brand! Piece by piece, it all clicks together to provide you with a comprehensive and thoughtful brand. The Brand Builder design package is perfect for a new businesses wanting to establish a strong visual identity or an established company shifting to new priorities.

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